Saturday, 19 March 2011

RED Productions present 'Steel Magnolias', 10/3/11

This little review was originally written 11/3/11:

Okay, so last night I attended a performance of the charming play 'Steel Magnolias', which I'm sure is better known from the film, although I think I prefer the play, which has a smaller cast (six women) and single unit set of Truvy's hair salon.
Apparently this is the first major production from RED although you'd be hard pressed to notice.
In the small space of the Wallace Bennett Theatre the intimacy of the piece is evident in spades and the cast perform exceedingly well considering their audience is less than half a metre away at some points - a daunting experience for any performer!

Production design, costume and even music selection is well considered and led confidently by director Keegan Friel as the play flows easily and the humour and pathos are explored well by both director and cast, the latter having a wonderful chemistry between the lot of them. It's hard to single out a stand out performance, so I shan't try, but will say that each has numerous moments to shine, although it's probably true to say that Julie Hutchison probably gets the out and out funnier moments.

I laughed. A lot! And it was delightful to be reminded how funny this play is and how charming, gentle and emotional theatre can be.

Nothing is perfect in life and whilst the production has the odd grey hair, nothing can really detract from the overall shine that exudes from this well tended theatrical bouffant. I imagine any dents in the 'do' will be rectified as the production continues.
Continue to break those legs, girls, but don't let the hair go flat!

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