Saturday, 30 April 2011

'Aliens', GFT, 29/4/11

Last night I attended a screening of 'Aliens' at the GFT, the first time that I had seen the film on the big screen.
Before the screening members of the UKCM (United Kingdom Colonial Marines) patrolled the building in full Colonial Marine armour. Quite lucky really as there was also a xenomorph in attendance who scared the odd person.
Fun was in the air as we all piled into the auditorium which was packed ...

The Film began, but with no sound, prompting jeers from some audience members and a mass clapping in objection which led to the jibe 'in space no one can hear you clap' from one viewer.
The sound was quickly restored but later on their would be several interruptions of the film in the first half of the movie. Fortunately the attending audience was in high spirits, cheering when the film returned.

Again I noted detail in the picture that I'd not noticed in home viewings and the sound design was also somethign that came across as far more impressive than ever before.
Viewing such a film with an audience is always a treat as the collective feeds into the sense of dread and expectation that the movie breeds. I would notice my heart begin  to race in the tenser moments and the battle sequences were truly something to witness.
There is, of course, the famous line that 'Ripley' spits as she faces the alien Queen, 'Get Away from her, you Bitch!' which has to be one of the most triumphant lines in cinema history. This line was greeted by cheers from the crowd as the finale began proper ...

So despite the problems with the print (or the staff?) this was another thrilling adventure to the cinema which has reinforced my belief that some things really are better when seen on the big screen, with an appreciative audience. Like live theatre it is that collective experience which informs the pleasure of the viewing, and whilst one can appreciate and enjoy a movie in the privacy of one's own home, that pleasure is enhanced within the appropriate environment and with like-minded people.
I only hope it's not too long before I get to experience this all over again ...

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