Thursday, 30 June 2011

'Avenue Q', Glasgow King's Theatre, 29/6/11

'Avenue Q' was a show that I had no particular inclination to see whilst it was running in London. Since it came to the city where I live I thought I'd check it out. And I am actually very glad I did ...

The cast were excellent throughout and perfect throughout, many of them portraying at least two puppet characters. The puppets were handled flawlessly and it was very easy to believe in the puppet rather than focus on the visible puppeteers.

The animation was brilliantly retro and succeeded in evoking memories of a certain puppet orientated kids show, as did the lovely set, and was part of a whole that was an extremely amusing and entertaining show.
The plot is really about a central character attempting to find his purpose and all the pitfalls along the way. Of course, we learn that the journey is the important thing - and enjoyable that journey can be!
A friend of mine commented that this touring production was superior to the New York production; high praise for all involved here indeed!

I was a bit bemused to find young children in the audience given the adult nature of the show but I didn't hear many parents complaining.
There isn't much more I want to say on this show except that it really was an original, entertaining, funny and joyous production with nothing to really comment negatively about.
If you get the chance do yourself a favour; see it and enjoy yourself.

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